Content Creation and Submission Procedure

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Content Creation and Submission Procedure

Post by TRaK » 2010-02-25 05:15

With all the new contributors who have joined up recently, it's important to be a bit more organized so we can coordinate asset creation better. This is the general procedure you should follow when looking to create a new art asset for Weaver.

Before you begin:
Check the open tickets on the Weaver Redmine to see what needs doing.
If you choose to take on an unassigned ticket, make sure you assign it to yourself.
If you only take on part of a ticket that includes multiples items, indicate which specific part you plan on doing by adding a comment to that ticket.
If you want to take on a ticket that is already assigned to someone else, try to contact them first to make sure you don't duplicate effort.
If the particular asset you want to take on isn't already listed as a ticket, feel free to create a new one and assign it to yourself. Use common sense for this, try to avoid cluttering the list with small/trivial entries.

When you're working on any particular asset, don't hesitate to show WIP shots to others, either on IRC or in the forum thread (or both). Not only does this allow people to give you some feedback on how you're doing, it also makes it easier for everyone to keep track of what everyone else is working on.

When you're done, submit the finalized asset to me so I can ensure it has the right style, tricount, etc. When I've given you the ok, push(upload) your asset to the repository. Keep in mind that whatever you push will permanently be stored in the repo and permanently increase its size, so only push finalized assets.

Make sure you close any tickets you've completed, or leave a comment on a partially complete ticket indicating what has been done.

Basically, make sure you communicate with others about what you're doing. That way, we minimize confusion and hopefully end up with a better end result.

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