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Spells Icons

Posted: 2009-09-06 13:06
by DerSaidin
For spells, I was thinking something along this lines would be cool if any of our artists are up to it.
Iceshards icon
Spell_Frost_IceStorm.jpg (1.72 KiB) Viewed 28427 times
Fireball icon
Fireball.jpeg (1.68 KiB) Viewed 28427 times
I think these are from warcraft or something, nice icons.

The other idea was to make the icons based on the combination of elements that make the spell.
General spell icon. Lines represent directions of thread strokes you do when casting the spell.
iconshape.gif (1.78 KiB) Viewed 28427 times
If you cast in each direction of the line, starting from the dot, you get whatever spell.
That icon would mean:
air, airfire, earth, water

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-01-03 14:24
by DerSaidin has come along way since it started.

Theres a few spell icons there which may be useful to us: ... ons-part-1

The set and the ice shards icons are by different people.
If you guys like one or both of those I'll contact their artist and see if we can get some more.

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-15 22:03
by Scribe
Hi there,
just wondering if you still needed any spell icons ... 123/Icons/

If you like them I can do more if you tell me what you need

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-17 16:02
by Jani
Hey! Really nice work, I especially like the first two and shards are nice too. Need big Boss to express his feelings too but personally I approve all the friendly gestures and volunteer work

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-17 16:49
by Scribe
Glad you like them,
everything I make and post will be completely free for you to use,
I got this list from your website: ... -06-15.pdf
however if you have anything specific (certain spell icon) you need doing I can give it ago
(you don't have to use it if its not so good)

Also open to comments on how to improve, from your comment I gather that the sword one is your least favourite, if you could give some critisism I could try to improve it

Thanks again,

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-18 15:01
by DerSaidin
Hey Scribe,

Nice spell icons, they're one of the things we're lacking atm.

At the moment, we're using a few of the icons from this set: ... ons-part-2
Some fit, some don't. Our first priority will be completing the set of icons for the spells we have implemented.
Once thats done it would be nice to have a consistently styled set done by one person, but we'll worry about that later.

If you'd like to help, that'd be awesome :)

These are the spell icons we are currently missing. Note, some are pairs/trio of the same effect at different strengths (ie, related icons). I'll also note the primary element if that isn't obvious.

Revive - heal a wounded player, and lift them to their feet [Primary element is spirit or water]
Link - connect to another player so they can use your power [Primary element is spirit]
Shielding or "Blocking" (maybe better generic terminology) - prevent an enemy from casting [Primary element is spirit]
Slice weak weaves - a projectile which dispells an enemy spell (ie, shoot down a fireball) [Primary element is spirit]
Slices mid weaves - as above, but more powefull
Slices strong weaves - as above, but more powefull
Air Blast - round shield shaped burst of air, big recoil, small damage
Levitate/catch players - grab a player with air, you can lift them, move them around [Primary element is air]
Fog - localized fog, sort of like a smoke bomb [Primary element is air/water]
Rip - pull the blood in an enemy away from them (heaps of blood spurts out of them) [Primary element is water]
Light source - glowing ball following player to provide light
Make explosive Small - sort of like planting a mine you can detonate. Sticks to walls/floors/etc. [Primary element is earth/fire]
Make explosive Medium - as above, larger explosion.
Fire arrows - shoots arrows of fire, they look like bullet tracers
Many FireArrows - as above, more shots, higher rate of fire
Needles - similar to above, but longer streaks (this spell will be a variation on rate of fire and damage, like a different machine gun) [Primary element is water]
Many Needle - similar to above, more shots, higher rate of fire

If you want to chat about any of these, you can also come on [url=irc://]IRC[/url]!

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-18 20:06
by Scribe
Thanks for the reply
I myself downloaded those spell icons as well as the first set from the same guy (you may have them already but as you didn't mention them heres the link ... ons-part-1 )

I agree they are fantastic icons .

I shall start work on some of these incase you need them and even if you don't it will give me a chance to practice making icons

thanks again

P.S. don't know if you saw it but this is a revive spell that I posted recently. I didn't really know how to portray revive but here it is: ... evive2.jpg

any ideas on how to represent each spell are more than welcome

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-19 03:07
by DerSaidin
The revive is one we can use. I agree some spells are hard to represent, but I think you've got the right idea - sort of lifting a body.

I'd suggest a couple of improvements to make it more suitable:
- The purple/green don't really fit our elements. It should be primarily white with maybe a touch of blue here and there.
- A heart above the body would make sense to indicate that its also doing healing.
- Maybe make the body more horizontal. This spell will work on wounded players lying flat on the floor. You've got that a bit with the leaning back, and arms hanging back, but I'd say take it further.

Then it'd be perfect :)

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-19 07:58
by Jani
I have nothing against presenting it as a spiritual uprising as it is now (vertical). Other than that, I agree with Dersaidin here. :)

Btw. Are you good drawer or painter scribe, do you have online portfolio?

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-23 13:31
by Scribe
sorry for the delayed reply (been on holiday in France for a while and couldn't get to a computer)

Anyway glad its along the right lines, literally just got back so I haven't done any improvements yet but hopefully I will soon post again with the changes you suggested

referring to your first idea for improvement:
- Do you have any suggestions whether you would like fire at all and make it blue/white
- should I remove the fire and just have white/ blue streaks showing the rising body
- if you have another idea would be glad to here it

also, at the moment most of the spell icons I have made have a black background however
with the spell icon use in game are the icons going to have backgrounds at all, how are they used it what I want to know.

Your spell casting wheel is obviously a unique idea but I am not sure where in the the game the icons will appear?
(hopefully my question made sense! :? )

Jani - I am ok at drawing and painting (hopefully you can see some skill in my work for you :lol: )
unfortuantely I don't have an online portfolio as I haven't done much work yet (only 15 years old :) ) however if you really wanted to see some work I'm sure i could gather together some bits to show you

Thanks again will hopefully post again soon

I asked on another post how to post pictures directly to this page (sorry if its a very nooby question)

I also posted these pictures incase you still needed a simple short sword: ... d%20model/
(i do a bit of 3D modelling as well but still need to improve a lot so this was for practice more than anything)

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-23 15:48
by Scribe
I ended up starting again and got rid of the fire,
They are basically just loads of different variations on the same image: ... e%20spell/

if you decide you prefer some bits from the old images and some from the new then I can combine them to make it better

hopefully these are an improvement (I did them quite quickly)

Thanks for any suggestions you can give

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-25 11:16
by DerSaidin
Those are good, as Jani said on IRC, should probably use a dark/black background to be consistent.

Heres icons in use: ... ons/spells
Click file, then raw to view them. Or do the repository cloning described here.

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-26 21:33
by Scribe
bit of trouble at the moment
the reason the spell icons you have already look good is because they are quite simple images that very obviously represent the spell that they are used to cast

Revive, Link, Blocking (prevent an enemy from casting), Slice, Levitate, Fog, Rip are hard to represent simply
If the spells aren't of a simple design they will look bad when they are made small as icons

Basically it might take me a while to think of some decent designs
if you think of anyway to represent any of the spells simply please suggest it

Thanks again
will continue to work on them

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-27 03:04
by DerSaidin
I think your revive icon is nice, just needs a black background.
Link: draw two players in opposite corners of the icon, draw a glow around them and connect their glows together.
Levitate player: draw a player being lifted by a hand made of air around their waist
Fog: stylized curly rolls of fog?
Rip: A big spurt of blood, maybe a player in the background of the blood.

The others, yes I'm not sure the best way to draw them either. Some suggestions..
Block: maybe a magic effect with a big X over it
Slice: maybe a X on a drawing of another spell

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-27 10:36
by Scribe
Thanks for the ideas will start to work with these suggestions and try to get back to you soon
Just wondering how small the icons are going to be as the smaller they are the less complex they can be


Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-27 21:21
by DerSaidin
make the files 256x256, but they'll probably be displayed at more like 80x80.

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-02-28 21:17
by Scribe
Hi again,
have not done much recently unfortunately but did a bit lately and managed to finish another version of the revive spell
you can see here: ... nalrev.jpg

for the fire arrows did you want actual flaming arrows or was thats its name and the design of the 'arrow' something else (same question for the needles spell)

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-03-14 18:54
by Scribe
Hi again,
just finished my first attempt on the link spell: ... =link1.jpg

this was a bit harder to represent but hopefully its not too far of your original ideas and thoughts

once again would love to here what you thought and any improvements


Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-03-14 20:01
by Jani
Idea is good but it is too plain black at the moment, the whole background if you are trying to get something like what we have already

Re: Spells Icons

Posted: 2011-03-16 11:00
by DerSaidin
Also it won't have enough detail when scaled down.

And the stances, link is more like a passive spell for both parties.

A links to B, A then follows B around, and B has access to A's power in addition to their own.