HUD Elements

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HUD Elements

Post by DerSaidin » 2010-06-14 04:16

Overall objectives of the HUD:
  • Minimalist
  • Configurable (this is an objective for the coding side, except perhaps alternate graphics for some stuff - ie crosshairs)
  • Clear/Intuitive
  • Crosshair (center)
    Multiple options available.
  • Weaver Disk (center)
    Variable opacity, reflects elements, clear divisions.
  • Health bar & number (green, left)
    Bar colored with respect to current HP. Precise HP also as a number.
  • Stamina bar (white, left)
    Expended by sprinting
  • Power bar (right)
    Expended by weaving and held weaves. Power can be >100% when multiple players are linked.
  • Status icons (left)
    Display current status of the player
  • Held weave icons (bottom center)
    Icons representing weaves the player has ready to fire.
  • Magic "sense"
    Dots around the center of the screen indicating the relative position of other players using magic.
  • Round time
    Count down from 15 mins or whatever the map timelimit is.
  • Spawn time
Count down from about 30 seconds, periodically.

Other stuff thats optional or not permanent:
  • Chat
  • Obituaries
  • Fireteam?
  • Compass?
The HUD (or maybe only part of it) should also be blue or red to make it obvious to the player which team they're on.

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Re: HUD Elements

Post by Jani » 2011-01-10 23:24

The first attempt on hud design, object was minimalism, don't mind some of the colors, we can discuss it later.
Some things you might not get from the picture:
1. The white dot under a spell is the one that is currently ready to be casted next
2. Fireteam overlay shows clan name, players sorted by frags, hp and magic, as well as the spells he has ready to be casted


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Re: HUD Elements

Post by DerSaidin » 2011-01-11 03:12

Firteam is nice, maybe black gradient background would have better contrast with text.

Weaver disc must keep the same layout: 8 equal circular sectors, and a sepate center circle. The elements must keep the same arrangement.
This is not negotiable.

I prefer the disc to have sections, especially the center circle, outlined. Transparency is good.
We can do a variey of discs, and let the use choose (like choosing crosshairs).

The lines on the disc could work - I'll experiment with them.

I think the spell icons should be more prominent. I dont like the selecion dot (notice you felt you needed to explain it).

Health and magic power look good, but you might consider that location for the spell icons. Maybe move health to one side and have all the magic stuff in the middle.
Also be aware, the magic power can be greater than 100% when players link together. Maybe make it thicker in this case. I wouldt use % as units either.

Stamina location is fine, but nothing indicates what it is.

Timers look good.

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