Some thoughts

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Some thoughts

Post by Vertica » 2010-11-12 07:58

I just had some thoughts the other day whilst browsing the forum.

Some possible spell ideas

- maybe a sniper type spell where there is a zoom function involved? (would be useful where you objective is defense based)

- proximity mines/wards (would require a more magic orientated name of course) ... again i was thinking this would be handy when you are tasked with defending a specific objective. If you could hold say a maximum of 3 or 4 before all your power was consumed that would stop wasteful spamming ... it would also allow you hold say 2 mines and have some basic weaves ready to compliment the trap. A sub idea on this point would be the concept of a proximity ward ... where instead of detonating when someone passes through it blinks on your mini-map (this would be much less power intensive imo)

- a "vision" spell. This would allow someone to scout the terrain to ensure there are no invisible traps/wards in the way. It would also allow someone to see an invisible enemy or an enemy hidden behind smoke. Maybe if could also show what spell icons the enemy team have ready to use?? (this spell would couple nicely with the sniper one)

regarding the existing spells,

I have a couple of reservations about the current shielding spells involved. I think the fact that they are element specific might make them rather ineffective ingame eg having to make a fire shield against someone throwing fire and a water/ice shield against someone throwing water/ice. Is that a little too involved for a fast paced fps? Would a general shield be easy for an fps? (even if it was a little more power intensive) ... i think the idea of a shield is pretty sweet especially if you are trying to attack/steal an objective that is well protected. I could see some sweet siege strats being made. Also how would the shields work? would they provide protection from one angle or 360? would they have a damage limit or based on time?

just some thoughts.

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Re: Some thoughts

Post by DerSaidin » 2010-11-13 01:42


Sniper type spell doesn't exist yet, we'll consider that one.

There are two explosives spells (one which works exactly the same, but requiring more power for a larger intensity).
A single player has enough power to place 2 small explosives or 1 larger explosive (with a little left over). You cast it, click to plant it on the surface your aiming at (you must be close enough to it). Once its planted, your team can see it, the other team cannot.
If you click again with that spell selected, it explodes. If you release, it will just disappear. It does require manual detonation.

For the other team, it will appear on their spell sense (similar to alien sense in trem) along with other players who are casting. They can use a slice spell (which goes through walls) to dissipate the explosives.

The spell sense is also similar to a vision spell, but we'll consider the separate spell.

Shields which work on a specific element are designed to prevent the other team (typically defenders) from repeating the same spell over and over again (e.g. defending with only earthquakes). Protective spells primarily protect against spells of their element, but they do work a little against some other spells, for example a fire-protect will protect against ice shards but it will only be 10% as effective (a water-protect would be >90% effective).

Protect spells are limited from damage and time, more importantly they consume your power which players will want to use for other stuff. If your pro enough to cast quickly, you could leave your power in a protect to walk around with, then release the protect cast something else you need it (if you can do it quick enough). Angle is irrelevant.

A vision spell and a sniper spell are two we don't have atm. Another is a grenade type spell.
These additions, and any others we can think of, we'll revisit later after some play testing.

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