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Redmine Ticket tracker

Posted: 2009-11-02 10:37
by DerSaidin
So I've finally put up a Redmine Project.

Tickets for the current stage of development (from existing docs) have been added.

Please PM me on forums or irc for a login.

Re: Redmine Ticket tracker

Posted: 2009-11-05 12:12
by DerSaidin
I'll also mention here, the target versions in the tracker are for early internal alpha.

0.1.0 Core: all the essential features which must be done before we can do a internal/limited alpha release.
0.1.1 Full: with all the core stuff done, the rest of this release is extra stuff which could be skipped for this release, but would be nice to have.

We'll just push any 0.1.1 stuff back if we want to release this alpha before we can complete them.