Project Introduction

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Project Introduction

Post by DerSaidin » 2009-08-27 21:49

Hello and Welcome,

Still need more: 3D, 2D, mappers, sound, etc.
Coders also welcome.

Weaver is a team based, online FPS, with intense stopwatch objective gameplay (teams take turn attacking to complete objectives, fastest time wins). Unlike other FPS, there's no guns. Instead players cast spells, using combinations of mouse movements. The unique casting system, and the huge variety of spells make an interesting, challenging, and novel game. Combat is fast paced and enduring - it takes more than one hit to kill someone. Game play rewards teamwork, requiring it to make use of all the spells and achieve objectives.

Design Documents
Game Design Document
Spell List
These are a bit out of date in some areas, as redmine site now holds most of the management/planning information.

Project Goals
The main goals of this project are to:
  • Realize a unique magic/casting system in place of weapons, with diverse, well balanced spells (nearly 50 planned)
  • Create a team based, fun, challenging, objective based, multiplayer First Person Shooter game
  • Produce a set of maps which focus game play on teamwork and objectives, and complement the available spells
  • Features to support competitive online multiplayer matches
  • Take advantage of modern graphics capabilities (graphics are secondary to gameplay)
An immersive storyline is not a major goal of the project, as such a single player is not currently being considered.

Visual Style
The visual theme of the game focuses on a western medieval style (some levels may draw from elsewhere in the world), like something out of the 14th-15th century, with some (minor) elements of 'fantasy' - no floating castles and such, but visual deviations from historical accuracy are ok. Stylistically, the goal is realism, or as close to realism as is possible within the limits of the engine. Most of the textures are at least partially photosourced, and the geometry should be realistic rather than highly stylized.

Casting some spells:

Map artwork:

UI Artwork (relatively low quality screenshots, but they show the HUD information):

Player Model Concept and Model:
Image Image

These videos are intended to show the idea of weaving spells. The artwork is of a rough prototype level.
Casting (First person) (latest)
Casting (Third person)

The engine we are working with is Xreal. It is based on ioquake3, with a modern renderer bringing its graphics to the level of id tech4 (and beyond). The modern renderer features dynamic lights, bump mapping, specular mapping, relief mapping, deferred shading, HDR, etc. This engine largely uses idtech4 format assets (.mtr material scripts, .md5mesh, .md5anim, etc) but can also take a few other formats (.psk Unreal Engine 3 player models).

The game will be Free Open Source Software. The code will continue the GPLv2 license from Xreal. Media will aim to use Creative Commons licenses.

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